Win an ULTRA Upgrade from Silk®

This year, many fitness buffs across the country are restricted to at-home workouts, waiting for weights on endless backorder that can seriously bring down the vibe. But Silk believes, athletes shouldn’t have to compromise on taste, fuel … or their home gym set-up.

That’s why new Silk ULTRA is upgrading home gyms with all the perks of the real thing so – no matter what life throws your way – you can keep hustling from home. Silk is giving 50 of you a chance to win an Ultra Upgrade to enhance your at-home fitness space, your workouts, and your protein beverage with NEW plant-based Silk ULTRA.

Prize Pack


How to Enter

1. Complete one of Michael or Aly’s ULTRA Sweat Sessions below.

2. Snap a sweaty selfie after completing the workout.

3. Submit your selfie by 3/7/2021 and tell us how plant-based options like Silk ULTRA power you to crush your fitness goals.


Complete a Silk ULTRA Sweat Session

Enter to get a Silk ULTRA Upgrade for your home gym – but first, prove you have what it takes by completing an ULTRA Sweat Session hosted by Aly Raisman or Michael Phelps.

For a chance to win a Silk ULTRA Upgrade for your home gym, we’re challenging you to upgrade your workout with the help of pro athletes Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman.

You could win a prize pack with:

  • 20-pound kettlebell
  • Pair of 8-pound free weights
  • Foam roller
  • Bag of resistance bands
  • On-the-go blender
  • Silk ULTRA to last you for the rest of the year

Now click here to enter for a chance to win ULTRA Upgrade.

There is a notion that you need to eat meat to gain muscle…to get big. But if you look at the biggest beasts on the planet like gorillas and elephants, they get their protein from plants. We figured if they can do it, why can't we?

Silk ULTRA is here to support athletes’ workouts and motivation – wherever you are for your sweat session. This stuff is ULTRA everything.

Excellent source of calcium and vitamins A and D, as well as B2 and B12, which help your body turn food into energy | It’s pour-on-everything good with smooth and delicious taste | 20 grams of complete plant-based protein per serving

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